Young Xavier gets a deluxe drop off

Adelaide’s Little Fighter Xavier Gets A Deluxe Drop Off In A Ferrari

Bec & Soda give little fighter 5yo Xavier the Deluxe Drop Off of a lifetime this morning–a ride in a Zagame Ferrari.

Xavier has recently relapsed with neuroblastoma, a rare aggressive cancer which has made going to school really tough.

Hear Xavier’s story:

In this special chat with Xavier and his mum Danielle, we find out about his experience needing chemo and immunotherapy.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of long term survival for neuroblastoma is 0 to 20%, but Xavier is remaining strong.

Speaking to his doctor, Xavier said “Dr Beck you think my cancer is back don’t you.”

Despite saying yes, Xavier disagreed.

“You’re wrong,” he said.

To find out more about Xavier’s journey, you can follow along on the Facebook page, Shave for Xave.

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