Anand Mehrotra: What Are The Secrets To A Happy Life

Joining Sarah Grynberg is spiritual & Jyotish Master, Anand Mehrotra, who has dedicated his entire life to bringing the original Sattva teachings of the Himalayan yogic tradition to the world.

In this soulful exchange, Sarah and Anand discuss vedic astrology and what is pre-determined in this existence and what is free will; how one different decision can change the trajectory of your life; and actionable ways to celebrate your lived experience, amplify your awareness, and elevate your consciousness.

If you are longing to understand how to solidify clear and conscious thinking in order to become more aware of the sacred that exists within each and every moment of our lives, then let this insightful chat and Anand’s enlightened wisdom not only help you find ways in which to find a life of meaning; but show you how to harness your life into something far richer, truthful and more purposeful than ever before.