Ready for True Happiness? Dr Gad Saad Says It All Comes Down To These 2 Choices

Joining Sarah Grynberg is evolutionary behavioural scientist and professor of marketing, Dr Gad Saad. Dr Gad is the author of new release The Sad truth about happiness, and works on the basis that each person on this earth has a desire to be happy. In this insightful chat, Gad and Sarah discuss how the connection between mind and body influences emotion, how people can live the life they want, whether it’s what others expect of them or not, and the tools a person needs to embody pure happiness and inner joy. 

If you see a more joyful existence for yourself in the future, then let this episode guide you to understand that happiness shouldn’t be seen as a changeable mood, but as a lifestyle, which any person can control and maintain with a little TLC.

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