Your Fave TikTokker Veronica B Says She Never Wanted To Join TikTok

Sydney-based content creator Veronica B is many things, but she’s perhaps best known for her hilarious comedy skits where she plays Aunty Salma, a character she says represents “every ethnic mum”.

Listen to Veronica B talk about why she never wanted to join Tiktok on The Weekend Briefing on the Listnr app today.

On The Weekend Briefing with Antoinette Lattouf, Veronica takes us back to the moment she invented Aunty Salma, opens up about her decade-long journey in content creation before having her breakout moment on TikTok during the pandemic- and tells us why she wishes she could be a sellout.

During the interview, she spoke about the hard yards she put in before going viral:

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“That’s why I get so annoyed when people say, ‘You’re so lucky.’ I’m like, ‘ Oh my God, if only you knew the cringe content that I would be doing (in the past)…. And then, like, having four people like it and three of your aunties saying negative things underneath it.’

She also chats about using humour to cope with chronic illness- having grown up with colitis and Crohn’s disease.

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