WTF Is ‘Mercury In Retrograde’ And How Is It Supposed To Impact You? 

It’s that time of year again, when the term ‘Mercury in Retrograde’ is tossed around to scare us, or at least be used as an explanation for our bizarre behaviour. 

The cosmic event will begin in just a few days’ time (from 1 – 25 April) but what exactly IS Mercury in Retrograde? 

Why do people believe the placement of stars and planets affects our behaviour? It is really that bad? 

Thankfully, Lucy & Nikki spoke with popular Astrologer and TikToker Cole Prots on their Happy Hour podcast and asked every possible astrology question for us! 

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From the difference between Sun, Moon and Rising signs, to a breakdown of each star sign’s attributes, Cole unpacks in all – but we’ve skipped straight to the Mercury In Retrograde section below so you can dive right in: 

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