Luke and Scott

What Really Went Down During Luke & Sassy Scott’s Hair Transplant Procedure

The boys are back for round two and in this episode, Luke and Scott are recounting their very different experiences after their hair transplant procedure. 

In case you missed it, not long ago the pair decided to get a hair transplant and naturally, they documented the whole ordeal on TikTok. 

Unsurprisingly, the whole thing was hilarious. 

F*** me that hurt!

While it all seemed to start out pretty well, the aftermath of the procedure hit Scott like a freight train and it didn’t take long for Luke to get on his nerves. 

Ultimately, Scott kicked Luke out of the house in true sassy fashion and made him sign his name to some very specific conditions before letting him come home. 

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So, we know the procedure left the boys a little intolerant of each other’s bulls**t, but for all of the people out there considering a hair transplant – what was the whole process really like? 

“We have all this false hope, so they put the hair in and I’m like, I’m going to look like Justin Bieber. That’s my ambition,” Scott said. 

Because who doesn’t want a head of hair like the Biebs? Anywho, apparently Luke’s still a little shaken up by the whole experience. 

“You’ve been through trauma. I’ve been through trauma,” Luke said. 

In this episode of Luke and Sassy Scott, the boys give us a play-by-play of the procedure leaving out NONE of the brutal details