Matt Okine Addresses Mixed Reaction To Remake Of Aussie Classic ‘Mother and Son’

This August 23rd will see the remake of Australian classic Mother and Son starring Matt Okine and Denise Scott premiere on ABC. 

Remakes can often spark intense reactions from fans, with some excited to welcome a modern adaptation of a classic, while others are initially against it.

Addressing the response in the latest episode of Matt & Alex All Day Breakfast, Matt confessed to reading the small portion of negative reactions on Twitter. “I was thinking about writing a big thread but then I thought I’d be as bad as them,” he shared.

“People are very mad… Okay yes the original was brilliant, there is absolutely no denying it, but remakes can be good. Could we imagine a world where Daryl Braithwaite had not remade Horses?”

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Matt also shared how the new series will touch on modern issues, revealing that part of the pitching documents included how “we had a royal commission into aged care. These are the sort of differences we’re looking at.”

Take a listen below:

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