Tiff Hall

Tiff Hall Opens Up About The Pressure To ‘Bounce Back’ After Having Kids

Being a mum is hard and not just because you’re taking care of a child 24/7, but because your life changes as you know it.

While your lifestyle which naturally see some pretty significant changes, so will your body and thanks to some unobtainable societal expectations, Mums often put undue pressure on themselves to bounce back quickly. 

Entrepreneur, fitness guru and business owner Tiff Hall is no exception to these expectations, explaining to Cass that she too felt the unfair pressures to bounce back for many reasons. 

 “I just felt so much pressure to bounce back to the weight and the aesthetic that I was before, and therefore be the person that I was before,” Tiff said.

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“But I felt that I had changed so much having had a child and gone through what I had gone through and I just thought, I’m not gonna bounce back. 

“And instead, I declared I was gonna bounce forward, which meant just accepting where I was at and respecting the recovery time of that 4th trimester and the baby bonding.”

In this episode of Crappy to Happy, Tiff opens up to Cass about the insecurities she had after having a baby, why it was difficult to jump back into work in a male dominated space and why it’s important mother’s ignore unreasonable societal standards.