Abbie's birthday

The Wholesome Birthday Surprise That Brought Abbie To Tears

Our girl is 28! Yes – Abbie has hit the big two-eight milestone and to celebrate, the team have organised THE most wholesome surprise. 

When Oscar and producer Lem asked her how it feels to be 28, Abbie humbled us all in one sentence. 

“I mean, when this episode comes out, I will be filming Masked Singer, so it feels like I’m sitting next to David Hughes and a Spice Girl, which isn’t an entirely bad combination,” she said. 

Abbie’s Birthday Surprise Feat Mumma Chatfield, Matt Agnew and More

So, what do you get the girl who has pretty much everything she’s ever wished for?  

Oscar and producer Lama figured out how to hit Abbie right in the feels, organising the most adorable birthday surprise a girl could ask for. 

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“So, I think basically Oscar and I sat for like three meetings trying to think of what the f*** could draw a smile on your face or could make you, like, happy in any capacity,” Lem said. 

“In the end we discover that your love language is words of affirmation and that you have a lot of like material things that you’re happy with and that you bought.

“You bought a whole, like house with dildos. So, what the f*** could we give you that is going to be meaningful?”

What on earth did they get the girl with a house of dildos? Tune into the full episode of It’s A Lot to find out. 

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