The Dark Backstory Of Queensland’s Most Prestigious University

For this week’s segment of “Mind Blown” on the All Day Breakfast podcast, Alex steps back in time for some Australian history.

He talks about a book he read called The Mayne Inheritance” which tells the story of Patrick Mayne, a young man who migrated to Brisbane Australia from Ireland in 1841 where he found work as a slaughterman in an abattoir. In 1848 a sawyer, Robert Cox, was savagely murdered at Kangaroo Point and a considerable amount of money was presumed to have been stolen.

SUDDENLY Patrick has a large sum of money and buys his own butcher shop in Brisbane’s central business district.

“There’s no proof that it happened and it’s all alleged but
it’s a very interesting story about how one of Brisbane’s most prestigious
riverside buildings has come to find it’s way to where it is today”.

Listen to the full story here:

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