Harry Styles buzz cut pictured, Producer Leon in airlock

REVEALED: Producer Leaks HUGE Reason As To Why Harry Styles Got A Buzz Cut

Harry Styles has made headlines for shaving his head in a major buzz cut transformation that people have lost their minds over. However, Fifi, Fev & Nick‘s executive producer Leon Sjogren has an outlandish theory as to why he has taken on the transformation.

Producer Leaks A HUGE Theory About Harry Styles’ Buzz Cut:

“Even his mum came out and said ‘can you just leave him alone?'”

“Our executive producer… he’s onto something”

“White Lotus has started casting for their new season, and they revealed that there is a male A-list singer that’s gonna be in one of the roles”

“Why do you think Harry shaved his head recently?”

This would be insane if true!

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