Planning A Wedding In A Stadium The Size Of The MCG

Do you long to be happy and satisfied in work, and in life? Joining Sarah Grynberg is stylist, author, and co-owner of Australian catering and events business The Big Group, Chyka Keebaugh. A poster-woman for homemakers, Chyka is also a former reality star of Real Housewives of Melbourne.

In this insightful conversation, Sarah and Chyka discuss the importance of family and positive people in business and in life, the nasty, forced, conflict- heavy, and un-real nature of reality TV and they go behind the scenes of what goes into throwing lavish multi-million dollar weddings.

“The biggest wedding I have done for Sheikh Mohammed’s niece, the ruler of Dubai, her father was the original king who passed away”

“It was in a stadium the size of the MCG”