Osher Gunsberg in studio, Fifi Box in shock

Osher Gunsberg Reveals X-Rated Meaning To His Nickname

The Bachelor & The Masked Singer host Osher Gunsberg joined Fifi, Fev & Nick to reveal the X-rated meaning to his nickname “Osh”.


“I would texts from people saying, ‘my nonna would giggle where people are saying ‘OSHYYY'”

“So, on Season 3 of The Bachelor, Sam Wood and his beautiful wife Snezana… she would always used to chuckle with the girls would call be ‘Osh'”

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“I’d say, ‘why is that?’, she goes, ‘in many parts of the world including the country where my parents are from, it means c*nt”

Note to self, don’t call Osher Gunsberg “Osh”…

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