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“I wrote this book while listening to Triple M” Boy Swallows Universe Author Trent Dalton Reveals Triple M As Writing Inspiration

Netflix’s seven-part adaptation of Trent Dalton’s acclaimed novel Boy Swallows Universe has become an instant hit, becoming the most successful Australian-made show to date.

The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of 1980s Brisbane suburbs, delving into the challenges of a boy navigating the harsh realities of life, complemented by an incredible Aussie-infused soundtrack.

During an exclusive interview on Triple M’s Breakfast with Marto, Margaux, and Dan, Dalton shared that he listened to Triple M while writing the novel, aiming to ‘channel some of that stuff’ into the story.


The Boy Swallows Universe soundtrack includes the likes of Triple M classic artists such as INXS, The Rolling Stones, The Angels, and Midnight Oil.

“I put it (Triple M) on because I wanted to channel some of that stuff. It’s no mistake. It’s intentional that all those songs are Triple M classics.” Said Dalton.

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