ATTN: Expert Advice On How To Get Paid More

Salary negotiations are TOUGH so Abbie is joined by CEO of Pep Talk Meggie Palmer for an educational episode of It’s A Lot to give us the harsh truth of the gender pay gap and how to get what you’re worth!

In Abbie’s former life, she was in the corporate world and had found out that she was on a substantially lower salary than the men she worked with doing the SAME JOB. When she fought her case to get the same salary, she realised the job just wasn’t right for her or her worth.

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Meggie said the way Abbie asked for her pay rise and fought her case was “almost spot on” however, she says there are more ways of asking with some of her expert tips.

Grab a pen and paper, you’ll want to take notes!

Expert Meggie reveals exactly what you can do and say in your salary renegotiation:

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