Amy Shark

Amy Shark Gets Candid About Her Meltdown On Jimmy Fallon 

You would think that with eight ARIA awards under her belt, three extremely successful studio albums and countless smash hits, singer songwriter Amy Shark would be immune to stage fright. 

Well, apparently not! Understandably though, Amy was about to take the stage on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

“That was the first time that I really had a meltdown,” Amy said.

“It was a cocktail of, like, just bad things.”

Amy Shark: Fame, Heartbreak & The Journey to Self-Acceptance

While performing on one of the biggest stages on US television is terrifying enough, Amy told Sarah Grynberg that she was hitting the stage on an empty stomach. 

“Because I was performing in front of so many people, I would like not eat,” she said. 

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“I had nerves so I wasn’t hungry, but also I was scared to mess up my make-up and I had never had heaps of makeup done before. 

“So, I’m like, no, I just won’t to eat. So, I was like probably starving myself, really tired, arguing with Shane a lot, arguing with management a lot.”

In this episode of A Life Of Greatness, Sarah chats with Amy about her Jimmy Fallon meltdown, how she ended up linking up with Blink 182 and how Ed Sheeran inspired her to write music. 

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