singer adele and tv host james corden in a car

Adele Gets Emotional Discussing The Song She Wrote For *checks notes* James Corden?

It’s the final week of The Late Late Show with James Corden and in a beautiful send-off, Adele has appeared as his final guest on Carpool Karaoke.

During the segment, the pair chatted about their friendship over the years, and just as James goes to play one of Adele’s songs ‘I Drink Wine’ the singer reveals she wrote the song about him. Adele tears up as she discusses how she felt upset that James was ‘unsafe’ after a round of bullying and pressures from the industry – have a look below…

Back when Adele caught up with Carrie and Tommy in 2021, she spoke to them about her album ’30’ and said that she realised how much music is a comforter, and talking about what you’re going through helps others to realise they’re going through something similar. Check it out below…

Adele’s FULL CHAT with Carrie & Tommy

“It wasn’t completely finished when I announced drunkenly on stage at my best friend’s wedding,” the singer revealed about her album ’30’ and THAT is why we love her!

Did you hear Adele is actually shooting her own movie? Get all the details below…

Adele Announces First Movie!

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