How You Can Binge Every Ep of ‘Gripped: Second Son’, Our New Gangland Audio Thriller

When Gang leader Harun Haqq is murdered, a bloody turf-war on the streets of Sydney seems inevitable. But Harun’s younger brother Jamil is torn between his new role as a ruthless crime boss and his duty as a parent and husband.

Adapted by former gang-member-turned-investigative-journalist Mahmood Fazal, from the award-winning novel The Second Son by Australian crime writer Loraine Peck.

The series stars actors Lincoln Younes as Jamil, who played John Ibrahim in the Paramount miniseries Last King of the Cross, and actor, model and daughter of INXS member Kirk PengillyApril Rose Pengilly, as Amy.

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The first five episode are out now, you can download the LiSTNR app to listen for free.

Gripped: Second Son episode one:

Gripped: Second Son episode two:

Gripped: Second Son episode three:

Gripped: Second Son episode four:

Gripped: Second Son episode five:

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