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Crime Podcasts To Exercise To

These true crime podcasts will get your heart pumping for your next workout, cycle session or even a brisk walk! Here is a list of episodes sorted by 20 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour+ sessions.

20 Minute Workout:

  1. Crime Insiders: In Focus – In Plain Sight

Jonathan ‘Jono’ Dick murders his brother with a samurai sword and evades capture for two and a half years. Many people think he’s dead… until he strikes again. Listen on Crime Insiders: In Focus.

2. The Dry – Episode 1

Based on Jane Harper’s best-selling thriller, this story is set in a small town in Australia where a family is brutally killed. Policeman Aaron Falk finds he must face what’s hidden in his own past to help him solve the secrets of the present. From the BBC.

30 Minute Workout:

  1. Bear Brook – Hide and Seek

Two barrels, four bodies, and an enigmatic killer. In this episode, three boys kick over a mysterious barrel in the woods. A small town cop fishes for answers. Evidence is buried, and the case goes cold.

2. Disclosed: The Children In The Pictures Ep 1 – Down The Rabbit Hole

In the first episode of Disclosed: The Children In The Pictures, Akhim Dev takes an unexpected tour of the dark web and discovers an epidemic hidden in plain sight: online child exploitation material.

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3. Fairy Meadow – When The Wind Changed

In 1970, three-year-old Cheryl Grimmer was taken from an Australian beach. No-one knows what happened. Fifty years on – can the mystery be solved? From the BBC.

1 Hour+ Workout:

1. Crime Insiders – The Hunt For Malcom Naden

A man-hunt that lasted more than seven years. One of Australia’s most wanted men finally caught. Ricky Hennessy was an integral member of the NSW Police Force for more than 22 years. He tells the story of how Naden was finally captured.

2. The Vanished – Margaret “Kay-Alana” Turner

In March 2023, 27-year-old Kay-Alana Turner had planned to visit a friend in Austin, about a four-hour drive away. But her friends couldn’t find her. Where along that 245-mile trip could something have gone wrong? Stories began to emerge about Kay-Alana that seemed so out of character for her.

3. Where’s William Tyrrell?

In September 2014, three-year-old William Tyrrell disappeared from the yard of his grandmother’s house in a quiet New South Wales town. A search and rescue mission soon became an investigation into his likely abduction, but who took him?

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