Australian Detectives Are Still Haunted By This Missing Child Cold Case

Three year old Cheryl Grimmer disappeared without a trace from Fairy Meadow beach in 1970.

In this special episode of Australian Detectives, Real Crime investigator Adam Shand speaks with Frank Sanvitale and Damian Loone, the two investigators who dedicated themselves to working the Grimmer case.

They found a confession in 2016, but the suspect walked free because the confession was deemed inadmissible in court.

Hear the investigators explain to the family why the suspect walked free:

They talk about the lingering affects of working closely with a family to help solve their case and when doing everything you possibly can just isn’t enough.

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“My heart goes out to the family – to Rick and his brothers, to his Mum and Dad, to the cousins that she’s never met, the Aunties in England, it’s a sad story, a little 3 year old, a beautiful little kid, and I just cant imagining that happening to someone. Cops out there if you’re listening, don’t give up.”

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