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9 Of The Most Shocking Australian True Crime Podcasts

1. Phoebe Handsjuk, Melbourne VIC 📍

In December 2010, 24 year old Phoebe Hansjuk was found dead at the Balencea apartment building on St Kilda Road in Melbourne. She had fallen 12 floors down a waste disposal shaft, leaving many questions unanswered about what happened that night. Listen:

2. Lucille Butterworth, Hobart TAS 📍

20-year-old Miss Tasmania hopeful, Lucille Butterworth, disappeared from a bus stop in Hobart In 1969, and was never seen again. Listen:

3. “The Highway of Death”, Flinders Highway, QLD 📍

In Northern Queensland, the Flinders Highway is known as The Highway of Death, or the real Wolf Creek. Since 1970, over 12 people have confirmed to have been killed along this stretch of desolate highway and some believe a thrill killer could be behind it all. Listen:

4. Cheryl Grimmer, Fairy Meadow NSW 📍

3 year old Cheryl Grimmer disappeared without a trace from Fairy Meadow beach in 1970. Investigators found a confession in 2016, but the suspect known as ‘Mercury’ walked free because the confession was deemed inadmissible. Listen:

5. Trials of the Vampire, Melbourne VIC 📍

Melbourne’s infamous ‘vampire gigolo’, Shane Chartres-Abbott was shot down on his way to court to go on trial for rape charges in 2003. Both the death and trial seem suspicious. These are the events that led to so-called trials of the vampire. Listen:

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6. William Tyrrell, Kendall NSW 📍

How does a child simply disappear with his mother just metres away? In 2014, Australia was rocked by the disappearance of William Tyrell, the 3 year old boy in the Spiderman suit. Listen:

7. The Children In The Pictures, Brisbane QLD

Impersonating the head of an online child abuse board is no easy task. This podcast follows Taskforce Argos, an elite team of Australian investigators who use their global connections and controversial undercover strategies to take down the world’s most nefarious child abuse site – The Love Zone. Listen:

8. Secrets We Keep: Nest of Traitors, Canberra ACT

Secrets We Keep: Nest of Traitors follows LiSTNR investigative journalist, Joey Watson on his three-year hunt to find the spy who betrayed Australia for Russia. The extraordinary series is a high-stakes investigation that stretched from the Cold War into the present, with the global conflict at the heart of this story now back at the forefront of world politics. Listen:

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