Is Jennifer Lopez A Sex Addict?

Global megastar Jennifer Lopez joined the Carrie and Tommy Show in her first Australian radio chat in over ten years, and got candid on all things from her sex life, to her husband, actor Ben Affleck

With the singer’s upcoming ninth studio album, This Is Me… Now as well as her Prime Special (of the same name), J-Lo reflects on the the lessons she’s learned over the years, and the advice she’d give to others who are looking for love:

“it starts with you.. and that’s the person that you need to begin with, and then you can be great for the world – once you get great with yourself. You can’t give something to someone else that you don’t have for yourself”

As the chat continues, Carrie Bickmore can’t help herself from asking a question addressed in the Prime Special, which had J-Lo’s friends confronting her with accusations that she’s a sex addict, “Is J-Lo a sex addict? Are you?!”

Catch even more Carrie & Tommy below: