Greg Blewett Shoots Down The Claims Of David Warner’s Manager

Former Australian batsman Greg Blewett gave us some insight into the explosive claims from David Warner’s manager James Erskine.


Erskine claimed that two Cricket Australia executives gave the green light to tamper with the ball in a crisis meeting after a heavy defeat in late 2016. 

Blewett told Triple M Cricket that he was part of the Australian camp at the time and sat in that meeting in Hobart where the allegations were made. He says the executives never said anything to indicate that ball tampering was fair play. 

Blewy said he even spoke to other staff at the time to double check he didn’t miss that key piece of information. 

“I’ve since spoken to people that were in the room… And it just never happened,” Blewett said. 

“I don’t know whether then there was private conversations that happened outside of that meeting.” 

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“But when I was in that meeting, nothing about ball management or anything like that came up.” 

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Blewett also questioned why Erskine would engage in ‘Chinese whispers’ given that he wasn’t part of those conversations at the time.

The discussion came as part of a deeper chat about the issue, with Mark Waugh and Greg Blewett both having strong opinions.


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