54-year-old former bus driver Craig Mycock
54-year-old former bus driver Craig Mycock

UK Man Has Penis Removed After Spotting A Pea-Sized ‘Freckle’

Each year in the UK around 700 men are diagnosed with a form of penile cancer, which can lead to a partial or total penectomy – where the penis is removed. Former bus driver Craig Mycock has told his story as a warning to other men.

To help push Craig’s PSA, the Marty Sheargold Show described his battle, “if you suddenly develop a freckle, get that checked immediately!”


Craig visited a GP in 2020 after having trouble emptying his bladder, when a specialist nurse discovered a pea-sized ‘freckle’ on the ‘head’.

A biopsy showed a fast-growing cancer, despite the spot not causing Craig an discomfort.

The cancer began spreading rapidly, with Craig scheduled in for surgery to remove part of the penis. Because it was so aggressive, doctors decided the entire penis would need to be removed – with chemotherapy not an effective path.

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Afterwards, I woke up with a flexible tube inserted into the area where my penis had been, with a tap on the end, which I could open to pee,” Craig said.

Craig has conceded he’ll never be able to have intimate relations with his partner of 33 years … ”which is hard, but I just have had to accept that it’s not part of my life any more.” 

Sadly, the reality is most men are embarrassed to get their stuff checked out, but Craig’s story is a reminder to not feel ashamed and visit the doctor if you discover troubling signs!

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