Tex Walker explains his frustration with the holding the ball rule

Tex Walker Articulates His Frustration With The Holding The Ball Rule

Adelaide legend Tex Walker has explained his frustration with the holding the ball rule on his guest spot on Roo, Ditts & Loz for Breakfast this morning.


“I was taught as a young kid if you got tackled you have to dispose the ball correctly, which means you need to kick it or handball it,” Tex said this morning.

“Now I don’t think that that is the case.

“For example, the ruck rule now, at stoppage or boundary throw-ins, whatever it may be, if you take it out of the ruck and get tackled, it doesn’t matter whether you kick it, drop it, handball it, throw it.

“If you get it out, it’s play on.”

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Tex said the players can feel fan frustration from the centre.

“Especially when I’m sitting on the bench, if there’s an incident where it should be paid holding the ball or there’s an incorrect disposal, the fans are getting so frustrated,” he said.

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“You can hear it from the stands.”


Mark Ricciuto echoed Tex’s sentiments, citing his confusion following umpire boss Steve McBurney’s explanation to’s Sarah Olle about the contentious non-call on Charlie Curnow last weekend.

“Honestly, I can sit here right now and say I don’t know the rule,” he said.

Tex suggested the rule had been overcomplicated a bit.

“Sometimes we try and get a bit too cute… Hopefully we can tinker it a little bit and work what is holding the ball and what isn’t.”


Tex also discussed the Crows’ 99 point win over West Coast and the role his gran played in it, this weekend’s game against Hawthorn and more.

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