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“100% In Negotiations” Eminem To Tour Australia, Triple M Adelaide Confirms Rumour

Someone at Ticketek has let slip on plans to bring American rapper Eminem to Australia, with Roo, Ditts & Loz confirming as of June 8 that they are “100% in negotiations”.

RUMOUR MILL: Eminem To Come To Adelaide?

Mark ‘Roo’ Ricciuto shared he spoke with a contact, assuring that negotiations are happening but it’s not over the line.

“I can’t say who I’ve spoken to, because I like to keep my sources close to my chest,” Roo said.

Roo also adds that it’s likely to be between the Adelaide Oval Test Match against West Indies and Round 1 of AFL in 2024.

The anonymous caller first joined the show for the Rumour Mill segment on June 6, sharing the rumoured location for Eminem.

“I heard a big name is coming to town at the end of the year and it’s Eminem… a friend of a friend let it slip from Ticketek,” the anonymous caller claimed.

“They [Ticketek] are currently working with Adelaide Oval to sort out a venue,” the anonymous caller said.

The last time Eminem was in Australia, he played to sold out crowds for The Rapture 2019 tour at the MCG Melbourne (80,708).

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