What Causes A Midlife Crisis

Triple M Gold Coast’s Flan, Ali and Spida talk to Psychologist and Psychotherapist Dr. Julie Hannan about what a midlife crisis looks like for males and females. Dr. Julie has become an expert in dealing with people going through a midlife crisis and explains “It’s a crisis of identity, and usually happens to people from about the age of 35 and 60. And you can reach a time in your life where you feel the life you are living really does not seem to fit how you want to be in the world.”

“It’s a psychological condition really, where there is a misfit in your life. It can actually end in a lot of unhappiness, implosive decision-making that can actually be worse for you.”

Julie explains that a midlife crisis can be a very positive time in your life and it looks different for males and females.

Dr. Julie explains what it means when people go out and buy a flash new car, listen here:

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