Diesel Covers Taylor Swift's ‘This ‘Is Me Trying’

Diesel Covers Taylor Swift’s ‘This ‘Is Me Trying’

Triple M is setting the stage alight with an electrifying showcase of covers, including Diesel’s remarkable rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘This Is Me Trying’. As part of Triple M’s Versions, the station bridges the gap between the biggest pop sensation on the planet and the cherished rock legends we’ve adored for decades. This unique initiative arrives as Taylor Swift graces Australia with her presence for the Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour, igniting Swift fever across the nation.

The Unlikely Synergy Between Taylor Swift and Aussie Rock Legends

In an unexpected twist, Triple M, known for its rock-centric playlist, is celebrating Taylor Swift’s Australian tour by collaborating with some of the country’s most esteemed rock artists. These musicians have taken on the challenge of covering Swift’s greatest hits, presenting them in a new light that resonates with both pop and rock audiences alike. This initiative, dubbed Triple M’s Versions, is not just a tribute but a testament to Swift’s songwriting prowess and its universal appeal across different music genres.

Why Diesel and Other Rock Icons Are Embracing Swift’s Music

One might wonder why Diesel and other rock stalwarts are diving into the pop realm to cover Taylor Swift’s tracks. The answer lies in the recognition of Swift’s exceptional storytelling skills, which transcend the boundaries of her usual power-pop beats. Artists like Paul Kelly, The Screaming Jets, Ian Moss, Sarah McLeod, Birds of Tokyo, British India, and Joe Camilleri. have all expressed a deep respect for Swift’s songwriting. By putting their unique spin on her music, they aim to highlight the lyrical depth and narrative quality that might be overlooked by those not familiar with her work.

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The Impact of ‘This Is Me Trying’ and Other Covers on Triple M’s Audience

As these never-before-heard covers hit the airwaves on Triple M, listeners are treated to a fresh perspective on Taylor Swift’s hits. Diesel’s rendition of ‘This Is Me Trying’ serves as a perfect example of how rock and pop can merge to create something truly special. This initiative not only broadens the musical horizon of Triple M‘s audience but also bridges the gap between different musical tastes and generations.

Bridging Musical Worlds

At Triple M, we’ve never been known to play Taylor Swift, but her global influence cannot be ignored. The collaboration between Australian rock legends and Swift’s iconic tunes is a testament to the universal appeal of her music. Through Triple M’s Versions, we aim to bridge the gap between the biggest pop star on the planet and the beloved rock legends that have shaped the Australian music scene for decades.

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