Wendell Sailor Slams False Jackson Hastings Reports!

Wendell Sailor went into bat for Newcastle Knights halfback Jackson Hastings after false reports stated that he walked out on club training after being dropped to the NSW Cup.


Original reports stated that after being informed of his axing, head coach Adam O’Brien offered him the opportunity to go train with the reserve grade side which Hasting allegedly refused.

Though, updated reports now state that Hastings actually was asked if he’d participate in a pool and massage recovery session, or if he’d like to go home.

Hastings fairly chose the other.

There was also no NSW Cup training scheduled that day.

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Wendell Sailor shared his thoughts, passionately defending Hastings after he received unwarranted criticism.

“I’ve worked with Jackson Hastings at the Dragons,” said Dell.

“I like him he’s a nice enough kid.

“We gotta be careful. We report about these young guys and we got to worry about their mental health as well.

“Some people went, oh typical Jackson Hastings, before they even knew the story.

“He’s not everybody’s cup of tea and neither am I.”