“Hats Off To The Dragons!” | Michael Chammas On St George Illawarra Granting Zac Lomax Exit

Michael Chammas on Footy Talk The Journos Show gave his two cents on the current situation embroiling within St George Illawarra Dragons.


Star player Zac Lomax and the club have agreed to mutually terminate the prior’s contract at season’s end.

Lomax will also be allowed to leave the Dragons this season if the club accepts a player-offer deal from whichever NRL side wants the winger/centre.

The player has made it clear that he wants out, after being forced into the wing position, much to his disgruntlement.

Though, coach Shane Flanagan is no rush to force 24-year-old out anytime soon.

But Michael Chammas thinks there’s more to what meets the eye.

“If the Dragons were the ones who said, mate, if you want out that much that you will need to sacrifice the final two years of your deal for us to agree to it.

“Then hats off to the Dragons.

“Because it’s a smart move.”

Chammas explains that Lomax’s salary chews too much of the cap, specifically now, since he is a winger. A position valued financially lesser than centre.

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“I don’t think Shane Flanagan rates Zac Lomax as an 800k player.

“If they get rid of Lomax, that 800k is clear,” said Chammas.

“They go and hypothetically, because they are interested, Sunia Turuva.

“He costs them 450-500k.

“That’s 300-350k on the cap.”

Chammas continues explaining that Flanagan may believe, he can find high-quality wingers for a fraction of the price.

Turuva, the Penrith Panther the Saints are reportedly linked to has already earned a Grand Final ring and is currently the reigning Dally M Rookie of the Year.

Chammas believes the 21 year-old is a key example of where the Dragons mindset is currently in regards to the situation.

“They get a player, that is similar of value to them in terms of performance.

“Turuva’s rookie of the year.

“I know he’s not a goal-kicker but he’s a good player.

“And then you save that 300-350k and go buy someone else.”