‘The Head Coach Should Be Involved In The Appointment Of The GM’ | Paul McGregor Wants Jason Ryles To Have Full Control

Current New South Wales Blues assistant and former head coach of the St George Illawarra Dragons Paul McGregor joined The Rush Hour with Gus, Jude & Wendell.

‘Mary’ chatted all things about the Blues leading into Game 1 of State of Origin but also touched on the current situation at the club he used to coach and play for.


Former Dragons player Jason Ryles is likely about to sign a four-year deal to embark on his first head coaching role.

McGregor though is concerned that the rookie coach will need more control to help mend the embattled club.

‘I think moving forward there needs to be changed and not just a coaching change,’ said McGregor.

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‘There has to be a restructure as to how the club works.

‘As a head coach, if your position is on the line from the scoreboard every week, you have to be in control of the players and who comes in and out of your club,

‘And what culture you want to drive.’

And ‘Mary’ further expanded stating that Ryles needs to have a hand in all areas at the Saints.

‘This may not be the most popular opinion,

‘But the head coach should be involved in the appointment of the General Manager as they need to work side by side.’