Pasifika Not PNG | North Sydney Bears Want Tonga, Samoa & Fiji For NRL’s 18th Team

North Sydney Bears chairman Daniel Dickson joined The Rush Hour with Gus, Jude & Wendell as the former professional side aim to be NRL’s newest 18th team.


With the Australian government seeming to want the game to align with Papua New Guinea, Dickson explained that there are greener pastures east of Australia in Oceania.

“It’s tough when you talk rugby league and political,” said Dickson.

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“For me the rugby league success stories for the 18th team are pathways, participation and a commercially viable for the NRL.

“I think the Pacific Islands in the general, the greater area to me is exciting.

“So many gifted players in our game today have Pacific Island heritage.”

Dickson explains further as to how he wants to link the heritage, tribalism of the old Bears with using the Pacific nations as the front for the new era.