Michael Chammas Fires Up Over Tigers Drama From Club Bosses: “He’s Irrelevant To The Running Of The Club”

Wests Tigers are facing more internal drama after revelations that club bosses aren’t being held responsible and are ultimately the reason for the on-field under performance over the last decade.

Footy Talk League’s “Journo Show” with Michael Chammas, Danny Weidler and Adam Peacock get right into it.


Danny Weidler, in disbelief, says “So you’re saying stakeholders of a club are irrelevant?”.

Danny continues and asks if the club chairman, Lee Hagipantelis, and CEO, Justin Pascoe, have done a good job… Chammas simply responds with “Football wise? No”.

Weidler then reinforces where the drama originated and agrees with Wests Magpies Chairman, Shannon Cavanagh that Lee and Justin need to take responsibility for the clubs’ performance.

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