“I Pride Myself Looking At The Smaller Things” | Craig Bellamy On How A Mastermind Analyses The Game

Craig Bellamy is already regarded as a face on the Rugby League Mt. Rushmore.

The legendary Melbourne Storm sat down with Howie Games and explained his integral role in a system with many moving factors.

“To me, we’re playing the opposition this week, if I just look at all their tries and line breaks for the last six weeks, that’s taking shortcuts” said Bellamy.

“I have to watch the whole game to see how that break or try came.”

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Bellyache explains that there is so much to the game than what it looks like at face value.

“[Those moments] may have come from 10 minutes before.”

“It’s easy to look at the big things but I pride myself at looking at the smaller things.”

“I want to try find the source of why they’re a good attacking team.”