Chris Lawrence On Horrific 2019 Facial Injury “I Just Felt My Face Caving In”

One club man and Wests Tigers legend Chris Lawrence joined The Rush Hour for the latest episode of Hero, Highlight & Hardship.


Lawrence opened up on his terrifying, freak accident during the 2019 pre-season.

The former Australian Kangaroo suffered but facial injuries after a mishap with teammate Ben Matulino.

“You have all these thoughts, split second,” started Lawrence.

“I thought it might have been my jaw, and then the face and then I just felt my face caving in.”

As Lawrence asked the Tigers physio for the green whistle and morphine, an ambulance delay caused by a horribly timed strike added to the tense situation.

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Calming exercises luckily learnt quite recently before the injury by a specialist who worked with the New Zealand All Blacks helped Chris, though he was still in a very severe and fragile state.

“There was a moment where I panicked a little bit because [I] couldn’t breathe through my nose.

“All the blood rushes and you can’t breathe through your nose and then you start to choke.

“And then it was a sudden realisation that if I stopped breathing and I choked, there’s no one here to help me.”