“She Gives Me A Big Kiss On The Lips & Walks Out!” Brandon Smith’s Wild Tale Of Retrieving Lost Passport

Brandon Smith on Woodsy’s Club Tour shared a whacky yarn from New Zealand’s tour of England back in 2018.


“We went to Ireland,” started Smith.

“We went out to this pub but it ended up just being me and Kenny Bromwich.

“Walked out the front of the pub and passed out in front of the stairs.

“Woke up and some guy had his hand in my pockets and shooed him away. I shooed him away and checked I still had my phone and my wallet, still had them.

This would prove to be important information as the following night the Kiwi boys would go on an adventurous pub crawl, which would spell disaster for Cheese.

“I don’t know where my passport is!

“The guy who pickpocketed me must’ve taken my passport!

“This is mid-tour, I had to go to Manchester the next day!”

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After meeting with the Irish police, Smith would get a phone call from his parents back in Australia saying a woman has found his passport.

As they both organised a meet up point so Cheese could retrieve his passport.

“I told her I was at Temple Bar and I just continued drinking with the boys the whole day.

“She rolls up, walks up finds me, taps me on the shoulder and hands me my passport.”

As the team and the woman of the moment celebrate with some drunken songs, things would quickly take a turn.

“She’s still in her work gear, she’s like a 47 year old lady!

“She grabs a whole pint of Guinness, necks it!

“Gives me a big kiss on the lips and walks out!”

And who said romance was dead?