‘Two Weeks In A Row’: Gordie’s Shock At Wayne’s ‘Strange’ No-Shows

Triple M’s and Broncos legend Gorden Tallis admits it was “strange” to see Dolphins coach Wayne Bennett away from his side’s pre-season clash with the Cowboys.

The legendary coach on Sunday raised eyebrows when he failed to be at Barlow Park with the Dolphins in their 22-22 draw against North Queensland.

Tallis revealed it was the second week in a row where Bennett appeared to be absent on game day, before questioning whether the coach’s no-show could’ve affected the Dolphins’ intensity on the field.

“It’s strange. I was covering the game for Fox last night… and it was the talk of the sideline,” Tallis said on LiSTNR’s Footy Talk League Podcast.

“After the game, Wayne Bennett didn’t show up. That was the biggest talk around the Broncos and Titans. Why isn’t a coach in their first year going?

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“I was in Gladstone with him last week and I was quite impressed with the Dolphins and what they’re doing, and Wayne was up there, he had a really young squad… apparently he didn’t go to that game either?

“That’s two weeks in a row.

“I don’t care who you are. Let’s break it down to school when your teacher is not there and you get a relief teacher, do you work as hard?”