Chad Townsend

‘Really Dehydrated’: Chad Townsend Calls On NRL To Do More Over Townsville Playing Conditions

Cowboys star Chad Townsend says the NRL should look into the playing conditions in North Queensland, after Raiders coach Ricky Stuart was left fuming with the humid conditions in Townsville over the weekend.


Following the Cowboys’ one-point win over Canberra, Stuart made headlines when he said the NRL was lucky the Saturday conditions, which the players took to the field in, weren’t as severe as the previous day.

“We were very lucky it wasn’t the humidity of what it was yesterday because I think it could’ve been dangerous for the players’ welfare,” Stuart told reporters after the game.

Responding to Stuart’s concern, Townsend admitted the conditions “definitely suit” the Cowboys, but said the toll taken on the players went both ways before urging the NRL to look closely at the humidity going forward.

“I found myself after the game being really dehydrated, I lost about three or four kilograms of body weight,” Townsend told Triple M’s Rush Hour With AB & Elliot