Mark Howard & Adam Gilchrist Pay Tribute To Andrew Symonds In Emotional Podcast Episode

Mark Howard and Australian cricket legend Adam Gilchrist have released a special podcast episode to celebrate the life of Andrew Symonds. 

The 46-year-old former Australian all rounder died in car accident near Townsville on Saturday night.

In the hour long episode (below) Howie and Gilly share stories and reflect on the enormous legacy Symonds has left behind.

“Wherever he was he made it fun. In a changeroom after you have been beaten, he hurt as much as anyone after a loss, but he naturally lead you out of the doom and gloom… that was the beauty of him,” Gilly says in the podcast.

“He is just going to be so missed.”

Gilly said Symonds attitude reminded him why he chose to pursue his sporting dreams.

“It was a very simple philosophy for Roy. It was just play it because you love it. Train hard, play hard, party hard and then dust yourself off and go again. Don’t over complicate it with anything else. 

“I haven’t today stopped to really think about the cricketing exploits a lot. It’s more the person and the mate that I’m thinking off.”