“We’ve Had An Impact On All Of Australia!” James Graham On NRL Making Inroads Not Just In Vegas But Even Melbourne

It’s the tale as old as time.

Rugby League lives in NSW, AFL lives in Victoria.

But on the Sunday Sin Bin James Graham passionately explained how much of an impact the NRL being in Las Vegas has had, not just overseas but in a market the game has historically struggled to gain much of a footprint, Melbourne.


“It’s one of the advantages that our game has that it can come over and play in America versus AFL,” said Graham.

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“Look at the impact that it’s already had in the Australian market.

“I’m talking about the season launch with Triple M Melbourne.

“If we’re not here in Las Vegas, the Drive show in Melbourne couldn’t give two hoots about the NRL season launch.

“But because we’re here, we have an impact on that market.

“We’ve had an impact on all of Australia.