“It’ll Be The Richest Deal In Broncos History!” | Dobbo On Reece Walsh Deal

It’s not yet official but it seems all but certain that Reece Walsh will be a Bronco for the remainder of the decade.

Ben Dobbin revealed that the discussions on his new contract are in the very advanced stages, will the star fullback having agreed to terms in principle.

“He’s not leaving, it’s a long term deal it’ll see him here until 2029.” said Dobbin.

“It’ll be the richest deal in Broncos history!”

“I think there’s some other things going on, some third party deals going on…but in principle it’s been agreed on.”

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When pressed on how this deal will affect the Broncos ability to retain their other young stars, Dobbin said the Broncos have some tough decisions in their future.

“At the end of next year they’re got Staggs and Cobbo coming off contract, so at the end of 25 they’re going to have to make a decision.”

“They’re going to have to choose one, both will be sought after.”