Gorden Tallis About The Impact Of Having Mastermind Wayne Bennett As His Coach

Rugby League legend Gorden Tallis sat down with The Rush Hour with Gus, Jude & Wendell to talk about the impact of having mastermind Wayne Bennett as his coach.


Sharing a story from his first pre-season at the Brisbane Broncos after leaving St George, Gordie had this to say.

‘So the Dragons [would do] 40m, 80m, 120m short runs.

‘But when I got to Brisbane there were doing long runs in the middle of nowhere.

‘The Gap Reservoir is about 8.5km and the hill goes about 1.6km up.

‘And the boys just said, don’t walk Gordie.

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‘So, we’re starting to run and I’m like, oh my God.’

Before Gordie could even think about catching his breath, he was surprised by a figure lurking in the shadows.

‘And just when I was about to stop, I hear, don’t even effing think about it.

‘And I looked, and it was like a praying mantis stuck to a tree,

‘It’s just Wayne Bennett hiding behind a tree.

‘He taught me, don’t give in on yourself and I won’t give up on you.’