Perth Brothers Went Missing During Surfing Trip In Mexico

Perth brothers Jake and Callum Robinson have sparked international concern after failing to arrive at their accommodation during a surfing trip in Mexico. 

The brothers, both in their 30s, were last seen in the city of Rosarito, and it was believed they were camping and surfing near Ensanada.

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Jack Carter Rhoad, an American citizen who accompanied the pair during this trip, also went missing. 

The family is concerned about Callum’s well-being because of his medical condition.

Their mother, Debra Robinson, took to social media to appeal for any information regarding their whereabouts.

“They have not contacted us since April 27 … they are travelling with another friend, an American citizen,” the social media post reads.

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“Callum is a Type 1 diabetic, so there is also a medical concern.

“Please contact me if you have seen them or know their whereabouts.”

Meanwhile, updates from the brothers’ social media accounts ceased abruptly over the weekend.

Premier Roger Cook described this incident as “really quite distressing” and highlighted the inherent risks of overseas travel.

“This must be very worrying for the families involved,” Mr Cook said.

“When we do send our young men and women overseas to enjoy that adventure holiday, they invite an element of risk.”