Gay NRLW Star Enraged And Frustrated Over NRL Pride Jersey Boycott

In this special edition NRLW star Karina Brown shares her reaction to the boycott of seven Manly Sea Eagles’ players, who are protesting over a special jersey designed to promote inclusivity in society.

The full episode will be available soon but we just wanted you to hear this as soon as possible. And if you don’t immediately recognise the name Karina Brown, she felt the spotlight shine brightly on her, when a photo of her kissing her girlfriend on the field went viral in 2018. It just so happened that her girlfriend was playing for NSW and she was playing for Queensland, and they just finished a State of Origin battle.

“This jersey is for everyone in league… whether you love someone of the same sex or whether you love Jesus Christ it says there’s a place for you in rugby league”

Karina Brown

Listen to Karina Brown’s reaction below:

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