Daisy Thomas Reveals How An Impersonator Was Getting Him In Trouble At Collingwood 

In the latest episode of The Adam & Symon Show, Daisy Thomas has sat down with the boys to give the inside story behind leaving Collingwood for Carlton. 

Speaking with Adam and Symon, Daisy shared the unfiltered story of Mick Malthouse’s pitch and the reaction from the AFL, as well as the way he was treated by Collingwood and Nathan Buckley. 

Daisy also revealed that during his first year at Collingwood, he was actually fighting misdemeanour accusations after a look-a-like was claiming to be him in Melbourne clubs. 

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“There was a guy that was going ‘round pretending to be me, getting drink cards, hooking up with chicks, and the footy club kept getting calls saying my daughter hooked up with Dale Thomas. Why is he out pissed on a Tuesday night?”

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