Margaret Court and Justin Langer. Image has been digitally edited

Justin Langer Explains How He Stopped A Bloke Breaking Into Margaret Court’s House

Former Australian cricket coach Justin Langer has explained how he stopped a man who was attempting to rob Margaret Court’s house.


“It was eight o’clock at night… my next door neighbour [was yelling out] ‘Justin, Justin, quick, quick, Justin’,” Langer said on Dead Set Legends Adelaide with Tom Rockliff, Cal Ferguson and Thomo.

“I said ‘what’s goin’ on Richie?’ (Langer’s neighbour), he goes ‘they’re breaking into Mrs. Court’s house!’

“It was like eight o’clock, I had a pair of shorts on, I was about to go to bed… so I walked down there, and honestly there’s this dude, and my heart’s going 160 beats.

“Anyway this dude opens the door, and we’re talking to Margaret [on the phone], we’ve been neighbours for 25 years, she’s talking to us, I said ‘mate what’s happening?’, and this dude seriously opens the front door, walks out, and my mate, the bogan goes ‘mate! What are you doing?’

“And this dude, this dude looked like Taylor Walker, [he was] a monster, and he just goes… not a word, just shrugs his shoulders and walks off!”

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Court was holidaying in Mandurah at the time of the attempted break in, and saw the events unfolding remotely on her door camera.

Langer said the police apprehended the two culprits, and there was no way he was going to try it himself.

“I’d love to tell you I tackled them and pulled them down like in Home & Away, and put the handcuffs on them… but that didn’t happen, this dude was big!” JL said.

“You hear about the stories of blokes being on meth these days… I just thought move on son, no worries. I was like the security guard going ‘yeah, on you go, on you go!’”

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