Callum Ferguson playing for the Sydney Thunder in 2020

Callum Ferguson Opens Up On The Exit From Sydney Thunder That “Blindsided” Him

Triple M Cricket’s Callum Ferguson has opened up on his exit from Big Bash side Sydney Thunder — a moment that he said “blindsided” him.


“I remember being told when I first moved across from the Melbourne Renegades, ‘we can’t wait to have you up, we’re really keen to have you come to the Thunder and not just be a player just finishing their career,” Ferg said on Dead Set Legends with Tom Rockliff, Cal Ferguson and Thomo.

“We want to see you become a Sydney Thunder person and player for the rest of your life… I thought I was gonna keep playing — as long as I was playing well — until the day I decided I was going to finish up.

“But that wasn’t the case for me. I was cut off a bit earlier than I thought I should have been, or what I believe was right.

“But it’s not always fairytale stories.”

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Ferg said that the process was almost as frustrating as the outcome.

“It was probably more the way it happened that disappointed me,” he said.

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“I was told that they didn’t want to look at my contract until the end of the season, which, look, I understand that, but I was just really keen for some sort of indication so that I could make a decision one way or the other, whether to start looking at another club a bit earlier before the end of the season, or to just get my plans in order and start looking at what I wanted to do, whether I wanted to keep playing.

“To get the final decision basically a week and a half after, or two weeks after the season had actually finished… there was an embargo period starting the day after I was told I wasn’t gonna get a contract for the next year.

“So I wasn’t able to negotiate a contract with another team for another three, four months after that, so I had nowhere to go… it’s not always how you want it to pan out, things don’t always go the way that you think they should, and you have to wear a few knocks in a professional athlete’s career.”

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