Peter Siddle

Cricket Tasmania Confirms Peter Siddle’s Move To Victoria

Rumour has it Cricket Tasmania favourite Peter Siddle is heading back to play for Victoria. 

Tubes joins Cricket Tasmania High Performance Manager Salliann Beams to get to the bottom of the whispers, with Salliann confirming our worst fears. 

According to Beams, Siddle has made the tough decision to head back to Victoria with Cricket Victoria making the official announcement this week. 

Beams said she’s sad to see Siddle leave but with where he is at in his career, she understands why he’s making the move. 

“He’s played a great service for us in cricket Tas, he’s done exactly what we wanted him to do – to bring some experience with the ball and also to help our younger players coming through,” she said. 

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While it’s tough losing an integral part of the team, beams said Siddle’s departure opens up opportunities for other great players. 

“It’s a good time I think for both of us, both for him and our organisation to part ways so he can finish his career how he wants to and fundamentally we can start bringing in some of our younger players who we need to find a little bit more about,” she said. 

Beams said it’s important to end relationships such as this on positive terms and that she and the crew at Cricket Tasmania fully support Siddle’s decision. 

“Certainly, making sure he understands how grateful we are for his service but also we want to support what he wants to do”, she said.

Tune into the full chat with Tubes and Salliann beams below…