Brad Haddin and Brad Hodge

Brad Haddin’s All-Time Yarn About Brad Hodge Injuring Himself Putting His Pants On

Most of the time it’s pretty forgivable to miss a game of international cricket through injury. Not when everyone sees you injure yourself in the change rooms as Brad Hodge did in 2007, as Brad Haddin recalled on Willow Talk.


The topic in questions was bizarre cricketing injuries, with a Jofra Archer finger injury while cleaning and subsequently breaking his fish tank on top of the list.

So, naturally, Brad Haddin had to take over.

That’s because he was a part of a T20 squad back in 2007 alongside one of our fellow co-hosts in Brad Hodge, against New Zealand.

While in that squad he witnessed one of the most hilarious – and most unforgivable – of injuries before a game.

“Brad Hodge, we were playing a Twenty20 game at the WACA,” he said on Willow Talk.

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“Brad Hodge went to pull his pants on and did his back. He got his pants halfway up and you heard this moan, ‘oh, I’m gone, I’m gone…'”

Hadds said the sight of Hodgey struggling was one of the funniest things he’s ever seen.

“You looked around and Hodgey’s on the ground, he’s got his hands holding his pants, he’s gone ‘my back’s gone into spasm’,” he said.

“After we laughed for about five minutes, we decided to help him up…he had to miss the Twenty20 game! He could not move!

“We were saying ‘come on Hodgey!’ He goes ‘I can’t! My back has locked!'”

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