Andrew Abdo On NRL’S Ultimate US Plan “Get Some Hardcore Fans Who Start To Follow”

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo joined Aaron Woods for Woodsy’s Club Tour on Footy Talk ahead of the code’s historic opening round, double header in Las Vegas.


Woodsy’s Manly Sea Eagles will be accompanied by South Sydney Rabbitohs, Sydney Roosters and Brisbane Broncos as rugby league aims to break into new territory, the United States of America.

Abdo explained in detail how the NRL plans to execute their plans to win over Americans who are very unfamiliar with the sport.

“[The US] is a sports mad country, right?” started Abdo.

“Americans are always going to love American sports but what can we offer in addition to that?

“[We’re] at the right time zone, so that it’s their second, third, fourth, fifth sport.

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“So they can start playing fantasy and can start following our athletes.”

Abdo clearly explains how the digital market is such a powerful tool in this day and age, something the NRL plan on weaponising.

“The opportunity to get fans in America following the premiership means we can monetise that in the future.

“Don’t forget, online sports betting in America is going through the roof.

“Our sport is easy to understand, easy to follow.

“And for a punter, someone who enjoys having a responsible bet, rugby league presents an opportunity for them to look at something that’s quite interesting.”